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Traditional Paper Workflows Versus Digital Workflows

Many companies are still holding onto traditional paper workflows, risking being left in the dark ages and losing both customers and staff to digitally competent competitors. Here’s how traditional paper processes add up against digital workflows. Traditional paper...

Capitalise on the Opportunities Technology Provides to Increase Efficiency

Time is non-refundable and should be used with intention. As most of us spend eight out of a limited 24 hours a day at work, it is in the best interest of businesses and workers alike to utilise the limited time they are given. Sure, most of us are effective at what...

Technology & Transitioning to a Paperless Planet

Although an utterly paperless planet may be an unrealistic dream, minimising our paper use and embracing technology can bring tremendous benefits to the health of our environment. Current Paper Production Our daily activities often include filing papers at the office,...
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