Allocating Fields for Multiple Signers

When sending a document to multiple recipients you can now allocate specific fields to each signer. This feature replaces the current Field Locking Tool, and ensures that signers only have access to the information you want them to fill in.

To begin assigning fields to a signer, click the Field Settings button. Move your cursor over the document and click on the fields you want a signer to fill in. Each signer is given a unique colour which allows you to easily identify who has been allocated each field. Once you’ve chosen all the fields you want to allocate to a recipient simply select the signer’s name and click Done. Continue this process with all other signers.

Once you have assigned the fields for each signer, click on the Fill Fields button and pre-fill any information you’d like in the document.

Multi-Signer Workflow

What if I only have one signer?
You are required to assign at least one field to each recipient before sending out the document. When there is only one signer attached to a document all fields will be automatically allocated to them by default.

Signer Fields Required

Document Templates have also been updated and now allow you to allocate fields to either a signer or just yourself. Please note that field allocation templates are only applied to documents that have one signer. If multiple signers are required you will need to manually allocate each field on the document.

Email Format Preview

When entering a message for your signers you are now shown a preview of the email formatting. This enhancement will prevent users from accidentally including the signer’s name or their own email signature in the message body, as they are automatically included for you.